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Season 1

Black Heart Saints

Episode 1 - Black Heart Saints

High-energy, original rock band from Austin, Texas.

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KP and the Boom Boom

Episode 2 - KP and the Boom Boom

A feel-good band from Austin,Texas. Their music provides a toe tapping and soul felt beats to groove to.

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Migrant Kids

Episode 3 - Migrant Kids

The trio is in that sweet spot between rock and pop...with simmering post-rock riffs and
a pounding backbeat.

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Chris Castaneda Project

Episode 4 - Chris Castaneda Project

Chris's new project pulls from all
his influences and has resulted in
a genre defying sound we call
Texas Soul.

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Broken Teeth

Episode 5 - Broken Teeth

An Austin based hard rock band with a heavy AC/DC influence, formed in 1999 and led by Dangerous Toys front man Jason McMaster.

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Paul Renna

Episode 6 - Paul Renna

A visionary singer-songwriter from Austin, Tx. with the extraordinary ability to raise hidden emotions in
his listeners.

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Distant Lights

Episode 7 - Distant Lights

A classically trained rock powerhouse combining equal
parts science, artistry, curiosity,
and tenacity.

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The New Offenders

Episode 8 - The New Offenders

A rising force with well-seasoned songwriting skills to back up
their gifted musical and
instrumental talents.

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24/7, White Tree and Annie
& Kate

Episode 9 - 24/7, White Tree, Annie and Kate

A special episode coming your way featuring a few of Austin's up and coming under 18 bands.

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Episode 10 - Vallejo

A striking blend of classic rock grooves, potent guitar work,
Latin percussion and soulful lyrics.

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Matt Begley / Breelan Angel

Episode 11 - Matt Begley / Breelan Angel

This week we are bringing you
some of Austin's best accoustic
and country sounds.

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Vitera / Vanessa Del Fierro

Episode 12 - Vitera / Vanessa Del Fierro

The sonic lovechild of Maná and
Guns N’ Roses conceived to the sounds of Santana and born in
the land of Crossover.

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Big Cat

Episode 13 - Big Cat

A new collaboration with some of our favorites: Malford Milligan, Rosco Beck, Dave Sebree, Les Fisher and Stephano Intelisano.

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Season 2

Dale Watson

Season 2 Episode 1 - Dale Watson

Dale is a honky tonk hero and country music maverick, a true outlaw carrying on where Waylon Jennings left off.

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Ray Prim

Saeson Episode 2 - Ray Prim

Ray is Singer Soulwriter based in Austin, Texas. His music takes you back to the days when songs were inspiring, meaningful and
thought provoking.

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The War Planes

Saeson 2 Episode 3 - The War Planes

Heavy doses of psych, big portions of blues, spaced-out vibes, thundering rhythm, and the result
is some seriously impressive
rockin’ out.

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Riders Against The Storm

Saeson 2 Episode 4 - Riders Against The Storm

RAS transforms every audience they reach with a refreshing magic and flair that few possess today.

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The Texas K.G.B.

Saeson 2 Episode 5 - The Texas K.G.B.

A trio of professional musicians that play "Original Americana Music" including Rock, Country, Blues, Alternative and more.

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Jacqui Walker

Saeson 2 Episode 6 - Jacqui Walker

Amidst the ballads, impassioned lyrics and the instrumental breakdowns Jacqui’s ethos shines through like a red hot sun.

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Saeson 2 Episode 7 - WRENFRO

A powerhouse of songwriters & musicians, Wrenfo is the most exciting and best bands in Austin.

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MC Overlord

Saeson 2 Episode 8 - MC Overlord

A larger than life figure in the Austin Hip Hop scene for 20 years.

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Jam Therapy

Saeson 2 Episode 9 - Jam Therapy

With influences like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin;
Jam Therapy is a contemporary
take on the heavy riffs and grooving rhythms of true rock’n’roll.

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White Label Analog

Saeson 2 Episode 10 - White Label Analog

Austin’s White Label Analog draws on every era to craft melodic pop-rock that’s totally in the moment.

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Ulrich Ellison

Saeson 2 Episode 11 - Ulrich Ellison

Texas-based guitarist with European roots has quite a story to tell, utilizing his own voice – a bluesy, cool sound that is pushing the borders of the genre.

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80H Project

Saeson 2 Episode 12 - 80H Project

A smooth vocal heavy positive groove based crew with an
amazing feel.

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Season 2 Wrap-up

Saeson 2 Episode 13 - Wrap Up

A look back at Season 2 and all the bands, skits and people that made it great. Thanks Austin and we will see you again in Season 3, keep Rockin'.

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Season 3

Jackie Venson

Episode 1 - Jackie Venson

Jackie has been compared to the
likes of Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse and fellow Austin native
Gary Clark Jr.

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The South Austin Moonlighters

Episode 2 - The South Austin Moonlighters

AA band that blends blues, folk, soul, rock, and country, who can flip the switch from country to rocking blues without a hitch.

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Episode 3 - Spitch

Austin Texas based band with a purpose to share the best music they can, and bring joy to as many people as possible.

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The Mammoths

Episode 4 - The Mammoths

The Mammoths have refined a wide range of influence into a melting pot of bluesy-rock and roll with soul.

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Episode 5 - Erez

Erez combines a variety of styles; Folk, Rock, Blues, Americana, Jazz and even some Classical influences.

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Love and Chaos

Episode 6 - Love and Chaos

Nestled somewhere between the beauty of love and the turmoil of chaos comes the unique sound
from Texas artists AJ Vallejo &
Kendall Beard.

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Dawn Over Zero

Episode 7 - Dawn Over Zero

This prolific ten-year-old machine continues to stay relevant and steadfast in this ever-changing music scene.

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The Nightowls

Episode 8 - The Nightowls

Their sound combines R&B and soul music, whose debut album Good As Gold was named Top 10 of the 2014 Austin Music Awards Albums of
the Year.

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Episode 9 - Zeale

ZEALE pushes music boundaries with a unique brand of rattling Hip Hop.

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Episode 10 - Vallejo

A striking blend of classic rock grooves, potent guitar work,
Latin percussion and soulful lyrics.

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Kev Bev & The Woodland Creatures

Episode 11 - Kev Bev and The Woodland Creatures

Austin’s 9-piece genre bending powerhouse bring their uplifting fresh, future sounds to the old school dance party.

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Jackson Taylor & The Sinners

Episode 12 - Jackson Taylor and The Sinners

Jackson Taylor specializes in a good old outlaw country sound with his band, which ignites with enough punk energy to go over on
any stage.

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Derrick Davis

Episode 13 - Derrick Davis

This singer-songwriter mixes blues, latin, and rock influences to create
a style like few in the music scene.

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